This is a decidedly adult venue for my and my miss's pleasure. I hope to share much about our journey and to help facilitate the communication between miss and I.

I look forward to questions and dialog from others, please do not be shy.


As I was kissing M goodbye this morning, I realized I had forgotten to put his baggy of carrots into his lunch box. I fetched them and he unzipped his lunch box for me. On top was the note I put in, just as I do everyday.

M: You know, the first thing I do when I get to my office is open my lunch to read your note. I never wait until lunch. And, I keep every one. They are in my desk drawer.

My M is not always a man of many words, but I know what he was saying to me, either way. The look on his face as he speaks says volumes.

I miss you and think of you just as much every day, M. I appreciate the ‘little’ things you do for me, too.

P.S. I sure hope there’s a lock on that desk drawer.

Rules-List 10 books or series that have stuck with you. Don’t take more than a few minutes and they don’t have to be ‘great’ books. Tag your friends and me please. vixen64 

1. Dean Koontz 

2. Louis L’Amour

3. The Tao of Pooh

4. Mack Bolan Series

5. Shel Silverstein: Poems

6. Dr. Seuss

7. Robin Hood

8. Flight of the Intruder - Stephen Coonts

9. Zane Grey

10. How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

I was tagged by natural-alpha who was a dom and didn’t know it.

Name: Richard
DOB: 1974
Gender: Male
Selfie: When ever I am not in chastity

- Food: London broil, broccoli salad, homemade vanilla ice cream
- Drink : ice tea, water, rum and Coke
- Movie : Inception 
- tv shows: Castle
- band: Vivaldi, NiN, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Tim McGraw
- place: a quite mountain lake
- school subject: math
- sport: running
- actor: 
- actress:
- siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother
- dream job: I have it, I teach.
- fears: retirement
- religion: none
- tattoos: none
- piercings: none
- languages: English

- reason behind my url: Because I was new to chastity
- why i joined: Because it was there


The term of dominant is usually referred to as the top and the submissive as the bottom, and this is how I will try to define them. The differences are merely in the way people choose to act their role.
• Both a dominant and a submissive are strong, independent, passionate people that desire a deeper connection with their partner and therefore engage in BDSM as part of their private life
• A dominant is a person that desires to control situations in order to get their partner to enjoy themselves in sexual and non-sexual activities
• A submissive is a person that desires to relinquish power to their partner to please them by obeying and enjoy all aspects of their lives
• A dominant is a person that gains pleasure from discovering and pushing the limits of their partner in a controlled setting
• A submissive is a person that gains pleasure from pleasing their partner by doing previously discussed tasks and also testing the rules their partner has put in place
• A dominant is a person that wishes to understand their partner completely in order to satisfy their needs
• A submissive is a person that wishes to obey blindly, knowing that their partner will always have their best interest at heart
• Both dominant and submissive are patient, caring, loving, understanding, open, honest, trust worthy, reliable




5 randoms about Kath:

1. I’m a natural ginger with blue eyes (although my hair has lightened significantly as I’ve gotten older).

2. My son will be 8 in October.

3. I have owned 6 motorcycles in 10 years.

4. I have actually never had a 3 or more -some.

5. I cuss too much, esp. during football games.

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5 random things about Michael:

  1. I won my 7th grade spelling bee.
  2. I wrecked the only motorcycle I ever owned. Totaled it actually. A Kawasaki GPZ 550. Ouch.
  3. Once got a car stuck in the mud. Jacked it up in the front to lower the rear and put pressure on the tire and ground. Then tried to drive it off the jack. Not a good idea ;-)
  4. Got so stoned one time before college that I couldn’t go to class. Just drove around for hours listening to Steely Dan. I don’t condone weed and driving btw but that was a long, long time ago :-)
  5. Helped make a wine a number of years ago that scored a 91 in The Wine Spectator.






5 Random things about Harry:

1. I have an inherited green thumb, and grow the best fucking tomatoes you’ve ever tasted.

2. I’m old enough, and hairy enough, that  I need to shave my ears every once in a while.

3. I’ve been married to the most incredible woman for more than 4 decades.  How the fuck did that happen??

4. At one time, I was able to remove and replace the engine in a VW Beetle in less than twenty minutes.

5. If I have to buy coffee on the run, I prefer McDonalds’ coffee over Timmies’.  I think Tim’s coffee is overrated, however the the glazed sour cream doughnuts are great.






5 Random things about Richard:

  1. I own several Buddha statues and they are placed around my garden. They bring me great peace and pleasure.
  2. Like Harry, I need to shave my ears every once in awhile.
  3. I love teaching and if given a chance would do it full time.
  4. I would love to own a “scrambler” style motorcycle.
  5. I am looking forward to having miss mostly naked on our road trip this evening.



Irish road sign.

I would give it a try

I would rip that shit up! ~Captain

Me too. Some of the cars I used to race would have been perfect for this road.


Some may look at this and see the man in a submissive or subservient role. Remember that being a Dominant means taking care of your submissive in every way, even little ways like fixing the strap her her shoe. To paraphrase a famous quote: You are never so Dominant as when you stoop to care for your submissive.

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When I’m alone in bed, I pass out from exhaustion. When we are together, I quietly drift off to the dreamland . ~Captain’s Kitten


When I’m alone in bed, I pass out from exhaustion. When we are together, I quietly drift off to the dreamland . ~Captain’s Kitten


When M and I are together, there is most always music in the background. More times than not, it is Pink Floyd, the Pulse album. Such soothing sounds……

After those first couple of minutes, I rarely hear the lyrics. The sound may register at times and I may even sway into flogger blows as he swings to the beat. But, last night, during a brief pause, as M was changing to another implement, I heard these lyrics:

“You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me ’til I’m sane.
You lock the door
And throw away the key
There’s someone in my head but it’s not me.”

They struck me so deeply in that moment, I vowed to remember them. In that exact moment, those lyrics could have been a narrative. I just closed my eyes and focused on breathing. On feeling M. And M…he raised that implement, he re-arranged me. He held me close and locked me up tight, and I know he meant forever. He’s never in our history together, been more in my head.

There are not words for my gratitude and appreciation for him. Only…..I’m his.


Lovely weave!