New To Chastity

This is second try at tumblr. My first went haywire and needed to be shut down.

This is a decidedly adult venue for my and my Miss's pleasure. I hope to share much about our journey into chastity and to help facilitate the communication between Miss and I.

I look forward to questions and dialog from others, please do not be shy.
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I can spank your balls until you cum if you like.

The idea does turn me on.

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So the good news is that my wife has decided that she’s forgiven my short-comings that occurred the other night enough to resume our nightly teasing sessions. The bad news is that she didn’t feel I’d earned the privilege of her direct involvement in tonight’s teasing session. She insisted that…

Ouch. So what did you pick a bunny or teddy bear?

Slowly it is,

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Can’t believe the notes on this.


After watching some porn last night with my wife and making her orgasm once with my tongue, we went to the bedroom to get more comfortable. We began to have sex and less than a minute later I realized that I was going to have trouble lasting very long. Unfortunately, it was worse than I thought….